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Counter Fraud

Are you watertight?
As the recession bites, fraud is increasing and attention needs to be focused more than ever on protecting finances, assets and reputations.



Reducing fraud losses and other financial harm to an absolute minimum is crucial to helping your organisation sustain delivery of services at a time of cuts in spending.

The impact of fraud and related crime can include:

  • Financial loss, which could have a catastrophic impact on business.
  • Compliance and regulatory infringements.
  • Breaches of civil law, resulting in litigation and damages paid to injured parties.
  • Instigation of criminal proceedings.
  • Damaging publicity.
  • Loss of public funds.

Our services

Audit South West provides fraud services that meet the legal standards required for criminal prosecutions, civil recovery or disciplinary sanctions in the UK. We have experience in many areas including staff, supplier and public fraud, bribery and corruption, whistle-blowing referrals and theft. We are used as a reliable advice centre by clients, receiving and responding to a wide range and number of enquiries in relation to procedures, processes and control issues.

We will

  • Assist in reducing your losses to fraud.
  • Devise bespoke counter fraud and anti bribery training.
  • Undertake fraud prevention and fraud loss reduction work.
  • Review and assess your corporate integrity, governance and security arrangements.
  • Provide local counter fraud support.
  • Undertake investigative work to assist with criminal prosecutions.
  • Work with your managers on employment related issues.

The team works closely with colleagues in internal audit.

These qualities and local connections place Audit South West at the forefront of the provision of an efficient and highly regarded service. Our aim is to assist with the strengthening of your systems of internal control and helping you to meet your strategic objectives.


If you would like to find out more about how we can assist you in preventing loss through fraud, please contact:

John Micklewright, Counter Fraud Manager

T: Office:01392 356139 Mobile: 07775 417508 or alt. 07463 867523

E: |



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