Jenny McCall - Director of Audit

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Jenny has over twenty years’ experience of working as an internal auditor in the retail, financial and public sectors and is a qualified member of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA).

Jenny joined Avon Audit Consortium in August 2000 as Deputy Chief Internal Auditor and was instrumental in leading the development of the Audit Consortium audit team and in developing the services provided to Primary Care Trusts and Acute Trusts to meet the changing NHS environment, including the contracting regime, financial pressures, governance, risk management, assurance and performance.

Jenny was appointed to the role of Chief Internal Auditor for Avon Audit Consortium in July 2008 and assisted in an Acute Trust achieving Foundation Trust status. Jenny led and managed the Avon Audit Consortium's merger with Devon & Cornwall Audit Consortia to form Audit South West, a stronger organisation for the benefit of staff and clients.

Jenny is an active member of the national Internal Audit Practitioners Group, which is linked to the Department of Health, NHS Audit England and the Healthcare Financial Managers Association’s national Governance and Audit Committee. These groups enable us to keep abreast of national policy developments and lead national pilot initiatives, strengthen and improve services provided by NHS employed and social enterprise based internal audit and counter fraud service providers and coordinate and channel professional opinion on emerging NHS changes and issues. This places the Consortium in a unique position to influence and inform the development of internal audit and governance arrangements both nationally and locally.

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